Gill Hickman

Golden Light embossed paper & gold leaf by textural artist Gill Hickman

Heather Tobias

Into The Unknown Porcelain Ceramics Artist

Eryka Isaak

Clear River Rapids by glass artist and sculptor Eryka Isaak

Wilf Frost


Carol Edgar

Clare Johnson

Kelly Stewart

Chinatown I Feel Like Wontons screenprint by artist Kelly Stewart

Ed J Bucknall

The Prospect of Whitby by London artist Ed Bucknall Acrylic painting on marble

Stella Tooth

Aerial Ballet by Performer Artist Stella Tooth

Michael Frank

White 07 (Homage to Irving Penn & Giorgio Morandi) limited edition photograph by London still life artist photographer Michael Frank

Sarah Knight

Seascape in Harlech Teal by London semi-abstract painter Sarah Knight

Nicolette Carter

Dawn decorative acrylic painting on canvas by artist Nicolette Carter

Vivien Phelan

Richard Dickson

Figure Jugs by ceramic sculpture artist Richard Dickson

Myrel Morgan Jones

Rush Hour 1 by M Morgan Jones Abstract Artist

Helen Trevisiol Duff

London Eye by Helen Trevisiol Duff

Ann Taylor

Summer Walk by abstract artist Ann Taylor

Zsuzsanna Pataki

Doge's Palace, Venice by Cityscape Artist Zsuzsanna Pataki

Caroline Nuttall-Smith

Ceramics Artist London Ceramic Vase

Sangeeta Bhagawati

Ruty Benjamini

Thames Beach Lady1 - Ceramic figurine on found brick fragment by London Ceramic Artist Ruty Benjamini ceramic sculpture ceramic figurine

Mark Lodge

Sarita Keeler

Birds on Wire

Corrine Edwards

Adinkra Slippers, photo etching by London printmaker Corrine Edwards

Sara Sherwood

Jo Hodgen

Linda Samson

Bird Woman, Ceramic tile painting (in white frame)40x40cm

Claire Thorogood