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Kalpna Saksena

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Kalpna, a former city accountant, has followed a strong family love of art. Her paintings revolve around people, the urban environment, construction sites, machinery and every day scenes and objects. Her style ranges from representational to semi-abstract. She aims to leave out parts of scenes, choosing a focus, deconstructing images or presenting multiple views on the same canvas.

Kalpna mostly works in oils. Her process involves layering or removing paint - creating both a tension and an appropriate response to the image being presented to the viewer. Her influences span the masterworks of Titian, Tiepolo, Da Vinci and more recent artists such as Uglow, de Kooning and Bacon.

Kalpna regularly exhibits in group and solo shows. An inaugural show at the Nehru Centre, Mayfair in 2009 was followed by exhibiting at The Other Art Fair in 2010 and 2012 and a successful solo show at 54 The Gallery, Mayfair. An active participant of many art societies, clubs and competitions, Kalpna most recently took part in Sky Landscape Artist 2021 when she won her heat to reach the semi-finals.

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