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Claire Beale

Claire Beale Artist

Claire Beale Artist

I get excited about observing and trying to represent the world around me. Selecting and interpreting landscape, still-life or portraits begins with a search for underlying structure and harmony. I use oils and watercolour. Drawing is integral to my work in general but also something I enjoy for its own sake. I am happy to undertake commissions.

When I work in public places the interaction with people (within reason) is a source of energy. In the past it made me inhibited, but now I see that this instant connection with art is universal and as joyful as it is mysterious.

Proportions and angles found in nature inspire me as they seem to offer clues about truth and beauty. Yet, the poetic or dramatic associations suggested by mundane, everyday objects is a source of continuous surprise and delight.

Recent illustration projects have called up an imaginative impulse fuelled by drawing the natural world. I am currently working on a number of projects including a new picture book for children. A sense of pattern and shape in nature led to series of designs and stylised drawings.

These different approaches and activities all add to the creative mix and bounce off each other driving me to do more.

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