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Stella Tooth Collection

Performers As Resident Artist at the Half Moon Putney, I explore my practice in one of the capital’s world-renowned live music venues, synonymous with The Rolling Stones. The creative energy of buskers and dancers – and film stars of yesteryear – also inspire me.
Bathers My bather drawings and oils portraits reflect the love that binds us all, of being by the sea. I recognise myself in my Ischia bathers – women comfortable in each other’s company and unafraid to let it all hang out.
Flowers and animals Once only drawn to people, I’m now attracted to portraying animals – and vibrant flowers against a turquoise sky.

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Medium Drawings | Mixed Media | Oil Paintings
Subject Matter Performer Art | Actors | Buskers | Dancers | Musicians | Resident Artist Half Moon PutneyAnimals and BirdsFlowers | Bathers | Life DrawingPortraits
Colour Blue | Brown | Green | Grey | Mauve | Orange | Pink | Red | Turquoise | Yellow | Gold | Bronze | Black
Price Under £200 | £200-£399 | £400-£599 | £600-£800