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Commission Art London

Looking for commission art in London? Many of our Skylark Galleries artists welcome commissions. If you see an artwork you like, but would like a custom-made version, for example: larger, smaller or in a different colour perhaps, or maybe you’d like a portrait of a particular person, pet or of a specific place, just tell us your ideas and wishes and we’ll do our best to help.

Just email us: or contact your chosen artist directly to discuss your requirements.


Nicolette Carter Commissions
Nicolette Carter takes commission in her own style specialising in paintings on canvas, which tell a story or have symbolic meaning for the client.
Price depends on size and level of detail.
Size range: 20cm x 15cm to 110cm x 100cm.
Price range: £50 to £1500 with free shipping.
For examples and contact details click here.


Jo Hodgen Commissions
Jo Hodgen’s paintings are currently mostly of her family and friends and are intended to be fun. For a guide to commissioning portraits of your own and the relative costs, please click here.


Sarah Knight Artist Commissions
If you see one of Sarah Knight’s limited edition linocuts that you like, but not in the colours for you, she can mix her printing inks to the colour palette you require.
For land and seascapes, she can semi-abstract from one or more photographs you provide, adding the texture and movement that are a theme of these paintings.
To discuss a commission, contact Sarah by clicking here


Mark Lodge Artist Commissions
Mark Lodge is inspired by the diverse architecture around London especially by the Thames and truly magnificent mountain scenery of the Swiss Alps.
Cost depends on subject and size.
To discuss a commission:
For examples click here.


Vivien Phelan Artist Commissions
Vivien Phelan’s ceramic commissions come in different forms, but are always meaningful to the ordering client. Vivien won series 2 episode 11 “Home is where the art is”. She is very grateful for this opportunity on the BBC as she became known to so many people as a result. Many of the commissions are all representative of a person’s life. Recently a lady receiving her commission wrote and said: “I never realised what a full life I have lead!”.
To discuss your requirements with Vivien and to obtain a quote, click here.


Sara Sherwood Commissions
Sara Sherwood creates cityscapes and abstracts in oil on canvas. She starts by chatting about which pieces of her art you like, listening and interpreting, she then sketches ideas and discusses colours. By the end of the conversation she is ready to create something unique for you.
“I love painting on commission, it gives me purpose and I paint with gratitude. I can create a dramatic statement piece or something more calm, depending on the room and atmosphere you want to create. Challenges are welcome and I often learn new things as a result. 
I studied interior design at art college so can also offer art placement suggestions.
Meet me virtually by video call and show me your interior and I can talk through colours and ideas from my home studio” Click here to contact me.
With over 15 years’ experience Sara Sherwood has many testimonials and her website explains the process in more detail.


Claire Thorogood Commissions
Claire Thorogood’s love of capturing the essence of her subject is evident in her human and animal portraiture, whereas understanding how to capture ‘a moment in time’ is portrayed in the light in her landscapes and the far reach in her dancers movements.
To discuss a commission click here.


Stella Tooth Commission Artist
Stella Tooth - Our portrait: your story
Commissioning a portrait from life – or agreed hi-res photos – provides an enjoyable, collaborative experience and an artwork that projects your image through time.
Single adult prices start at £250 for a drawing, £400 for a digital painting and range between £600-£2,600 for an oil painting.
For examples of Stella’s portraits, a full guide to cost and the commissioning process click here.
Stella's Portrait Gift Card provides the perfect gift for that special anniversary.
Included with your pet's portrait will be its 'range' in her Red Bubble shop.
You can commission her to give you a Rock star experience when you take to the stage of the Half Moon Putney where she is Resident Artist. Your permanent reminder of your 15 mins of fame will be the reference photos she takes – and her drawing or painting of you. 
Have a budget in mind? For commission enquiries click here.


Helen Trevisiol Duff Artist Commissions
Helen Trevisiol Duff paints in Sennelier watercolours bound with honey on Arches 300gm hot pressed paper. She works from photographs or visits the property depending upon location.
Prices range from £120 to £1200 for a commission where a photograph is provided. She offers a 30 x 40cm unmounted watercolour for around £300.
Most of Helen’s work is protected by confidentiality agreements as she has many clients in the public eye. Her paintings can be found in homes in London, the UK, France, Australia, America and Japan.
To discuss a commission, contact Helen by clicking here.


Smita Sonthalia Commission Artist
Smita Sonthalia paints in acrylics and oils on canvases. She does commission work for home, offices and libraries, according to the requirement. She gets her inspiration from nature, spiritualism, women and Folk art.
To discuss a commission, contact Smita by clicking here.