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Gill Hickman

Gill Hickman Textural Artist Profile Header

Gill Hickman

Born in 1955, after art school Gill spent 18 years as a teacher. Later she reconnected with her inner artist and in 1998 joined Skylark Galleries.

Gill’s creative practice and her daily meditation practice often interconnect. Her work is described as calming or uplifting.

Gill always sees textures in the environment and calls herself a textural artist. Road surfaces, patterns, pebbles, foliage, fabrics, all fascinate her. Over the years Gill has collected many hand-made papers from around the world.

Gill creates paper artworks in three distinct forms; blind embossed prints, embossed collages, and free-form works. The process varies for each, and all involve the etching press.

Gill makes textured plates for the blind embossed prints - limited editions. For “embossed collages” Gill creates collages, embosses them with textures and later embellishes with gold or silver forms to highlight the texture.

For the free-form works Gill carefully lays out loose materials on the etching press then adds the paper before pressing. Gill prefers a very thick cotton paper, hand-made in France, to create a deep indent. Gill often adds vibrant colours before embossing so the gold or silver design can really stand out.

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