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Amanda Gosse

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Born in Australia and brought up in SE England, Amanda’s love of art began during early childhood, with many hours spent sketching in a disused caravan on her family's farm. She loved watching her mother, also an artist, working with paint and pastels – creativity was always encouraged in her home and there was no shortage of inspiration. In the late 1980s, Amanda’s mother and her partner converted their oast house into an art gallery where local artists and sculptors showed their work.

Amanda’s love of birds (which is the subject matter of much of her work) began early in life. Her mother, a member of the RSPB, signed her up as a member of the YOC. As a child Amanda used to love leafing through her mother’s Reader’s Digest Book of British Birds and she later learned that there were bird enthusiasts on the Australian side of her family too — most exciting of all was finding a copy of Popular British Ornithology, published in 1853, written and illustrated by naturalist Philip Henry Gosse, grandfather of artist Sylvia Gosse, to whom Amanda is proudly related.

Amanda’s preferred media are acrylic and gouache and her style is usually strong in colour and sharp in detail – a reflection of her background in print, graphic art and design.

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