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Michelle Elwell

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Michelle Elwell is a London based artist/printmaker who studied Fine Art and Printmaking at Central St. Martins and Byam Shaw School of Art. In 2008 she graduated with an MA in Printmaking from the University of Brighton, in association with the London Print Studio.

Michelle Elwell creates artworks which are inspired by the transience and beauty of nature and the flowers which she grows. Her ethereal images capture the fragile beauty of flowers in a unique way. Michelle uses macro photography to reveal the forms and textures of flowers in bloom and when they start to fade. Her images are then meticulously composed by layering multiple photographs of each bloom and petal from its opening to its final day. By digitally manipulating and enhancing her photographs these transient and fragile flowers are transformed into vibrant multi-faceted images with movement and depth, giving these flowers a renewed permanence.

Music is also an important factor in the creative process, as the music she listens to often influences the outcome of the image and sometimes provides a title for the work.

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