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Carol Edgar

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I am a self taught painter, learning and evolving through excellent workshops, painting holidays and personal practice. I would describe my work as semi abstract and my chosen medium is acrylic.

My inspiration is drawn from natural observation and, though the subject matter is varied, there are recurring themes around landscape and seascape. I work towards capturing the essence of my chosen subject through the use of texture, colour, line and layers of broad gestural brushstrokes. My landscapes are rarely representative of specific places but more a response to memories of the atmospheres, formations, constantly changing light and shadow in the various surroundings that have inspired me. Often from a starting point of acrylic mediums, collaged papers or/and random spontaneous marks, the process that follows is organic and unpredictable, the final result often unexpected.

I have been a member of Skylark Galleries for over 20 years, participate in Open Studios and have exhibited in galleries and art fairs throughout the UK.

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