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Connection by Helen Trevisiol Duff



With our friends around us and by being connected to nature, we can find peace, even if only for a few minutes during our day. This painting is about protection, kindness, friendship, humanity and hope; I’ve called it Connection.

It began with images in my imagination and memories of having visited the Sakura blossom festival in Tokyo. I love reflecting upon how Japanese people picnic under trees, celebrating the arrival of spring and new life, surrounded by sounds of nature and a canopy of pink. 

The more that the terrible news of the war invades our lives, compassion and kindness are uppermost in my mind. I’m dreaming of euphoric, utopian places where nothing can touch us. My imagination is rich with visions of idealised, heightened nature where the flowers are huge and birdsong surrounds me. My meditations are taking me to these imaginary places on a daily basis. When the world is so horrific I need to use distraction to breathe and relax.

300gsm Watercolour paper
Dimensions: 58 x 59cm.

A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with this artwork.

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