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Helen Trevisiol Duff

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Helen Trevisiol Duff is a British figurative painter/printmaker based in West Yorkshire.

Born in 1960 in Bristol she has had an illustrious career, starting out as a fashion/textile designer and colourist consulting for the British fashion industry. She was owner of two successful artisan shops with galleries for nearly two decades in London.

Her driving passion for colour, texture, light, pattern, movement and oriental brush skills transcends all her work, supported by her design and classical art training in the UK and Japan.

“I'm intrigued by wild spaces, nature and the interaction of wildlife and habitat. I’m an emotional painter and convey my feelings within the atmosphere of a piece using energetic brushstrokes. I often get lost in my mindful practice with a feeling of freedom. This helps me deal with my disability and is very cathartic. The end result is always fuelled by emotion experienced in the process. How the piece moves and connects with the viewer is vital."

Helen has an inquiring mind and huge imagination often working a narrative alongside her work. “I look at symbolism in nature and use this as an inspiration and backdrop in my work.”

Helen's work can be found in private collections worldwide and a public mural in Hanwell Zoo, London. She writes a blog at Skylark Galleries called The Colourist.

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