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Smita Sonthalia

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Born and raised in India, Smita has experienced ancient roots and vibrant culture closely, sparking interest in art very early on. Her love for painting and colors since childhood only got deeper by internalizing the various art forms in the country as she traveled around, read and learnt about them. She pursued a Masters in Fine Arts to help learn some intricacies. Smita says: "Art is a very powerful tool. It tells stories without speaking a word. It can evoke a tsunami of emotions in your heart or can calm and relax your mind. It not only opens up creativity and imagination, but also helps develop focus and concentration."

Her paintings are her best friends, philosophers and guides and she enjoys every moment when she has a brush in hand. She primarily draws inspiration from nature, spiritualism and women. These subjects have immense depth and are close to her heart. Most of her paintings are mixed media; she experiments with textures, layers, inks, lines and patterns to create a unique piece each time. She has been painting for 18 years.

Paintings motivate me constantly to live my dream – creating art and spreading my wings on canvas , she says. Painting is love, work, play, meditation and prayer for her.

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