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Sarita Keeler

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Sarita Keeler London Artist

Much of my influence stems from the natural world and urban landscapes. I love to explore the coexistence of freedom and restraint that exists in these spaces, looking at nature as an agent of untamed chaos within the manufactured structure of the urban landscape. Much of my artwork focuses on mood and movement, and my aim is for the finished piece to be raw, vivid, expressive, and emotive in some capacity. I work primarily with acrylics alongside mixed media, often repurposing old maps or music sheets to create multi-layered, tactile pieces. While my experience in Fashion Illustration and Photography draws my attention to detail, lighting, angles and composition.

My work has been shaped by my experiences of travelling and living within many different cultures and environments throughout my life. My colour palette and my appreciation for space, structure, and the abstract is greatly influenced by my time living in Australia, the States, and Cornwall. While much of the elements or subjects of my work are inspired by my daily life in London, the urban streets, and its green spaces. I currently paint out of my home in Kingston, but wherever I find myself in the world, painting is a source of calm. Because laying emotions onto canvas has always been my way of exploring, simplifying, and embracing them.

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