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Judy Head

Judy Head Art

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Some ten years ago, I took a step back from my design and marketing business to explore Japanese calligraphy and ink painting. I studied with Talia LeHave, who has also been a member of Skylark Gallery.

Talia taught me the principles of Asian art, which I have tried to retain as I developed my own practice and found my voice. I use traditional materials – various Japanese papers made of Mulberry leaves, bamboo and linen; coloured minerals and black Sumi ink; big, soft brushes, dainty water droppers and bowls that appear in the tool box of Asian artists.

Lockdown and the effects of global warming, especially noticeable over the last five years, has been the driving force behind my choice of subject matter. From the big, well-established Magnolia tree, suffering from the lack of rain and unseasonable gales, to my small fig tree thriving in the hot autumn weather, boughs laden with ripe figs. My aim is to record how our familiar landscape adapts and changes in response pollution and wild weather.

I am now based in Thames-side Studios on the banks of the Thames, and in a cottage in North Norfolk.

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