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A Small Study of a Cheese Plant by Judy Head


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I completed a number of black and white studies of the plants in my studio during the early days of lockdown.  This is one of two studies that I did of two Monstera Deliciosa – otherwise known as Swiss Chees plants.  What struck me was that I was painting from a curious angle - underneath the leaves, which I peered through to see the sky! I was intrigued by the new leaf slowly uncurling, all its holes intact.

I used the traditional black Sumi ink, made from soot, painted on a very fine Washi paper, made from Mulberry leaves.    The chop mark, placed underneath my signature, means painting brings peace.

The painting is float mounted and framed in un-waxed Ash.  D links hold picture wire for hanging.

Dimensions of Frame: 37.5cm. x 49.5cm.

Dimensions of Image: x

Weight: 1.7 kg

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