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Wild Begonia by Judy Head


I brought this tiny wild begonia as an outdoor plant, but it seemed too small and delicate to withstand our cold winter.  So it lives in a pot on its own plinth in my studio.  Wild begonia have the most beautiful velvety, purple/greenleaves which, when you look underneath, are deep burgundy in colour.  The tiny flowers appear in the spring – delicate pale pink hanging from a long stem.  They are very different to their brash cultivated cousins!  I painted several studies of this dainty little plant during a dark early spring.

Painted using Japanese coloured mineral inks and black Sumi on natural Washi paper, made from mulberry leaves. The chop mark, placed beneath my signature, means graceful.

This painting is float mounted and framed in natural ash

Dimension of Frame/Mount: 34 cm x 31 cm.

Dimensions of image: x 20 cm

Weight: 1.7kg

UK mainland delivery included.

A Certificate of Authenticity is supplied with this painting.

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