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Five new monthly art blogs from Skylark Galleries!

January 03, 2021

Blogging logos for five new Skylark Galleries bloggers

Five Skylark Galleries artists are to write exciting new regular blogs on different aspects of art - starting this month!

'The Colourist' Helen Trevisiol Duff art blogger Skylark Galleries logo

Helen Trevisiol Duff - The Colourist

(1st week of the month)

Helen Trevisiol Duff The Ceramicist art blogger for Skylark Galleries

Helen starting out as a Forecast Colourist consulting for big name fabric companies and corporates in the fashion industry.  And she owned two successful art and craft shops in Ealing for nearly 30 years called ‘Darch and Duff’.  Now a painter, she works in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. Her work is filled with colour and light fill her work. She was classically trained in the UK and Japan and this, combined with her experience as a fashion colourist, reflect in her work. She draws inspiration from architecture, nature and the world around her. Helen’s blog 'The Colourist' is a conversation with her fellow Skylark Galleries artist and friend portraitist Stella Tooth.

Amanda Gosse 'Wild thing' art blogger Skylark Galleries logo

Amanda Gosse - Wild thing

(2nd week of the month)

Amanda Gosse 'Wild thing' art blogger for Skylark Galleries

Australia born Amanda grew up in England and her love of birds inspires her art.  She was a member of the  Young Ornithologists Club. Amanda often leafed through her mother’s Reader’s Digest Book of British Birds. Thrillingly she discovered she discovered she is related to English naturalist Philip Henry Gosse who wrote Popular British Ornithology, published in 1853, now a rarity.  Her blog 'Wild thing' will cover flora and fauna in art, at a time when many species are globally under threat from global warming.

Vivien Phelan 'The Ceramicist' art blogger Skylark Galleries logo

Vivien Phelan - The Ceramicist 

(3rd week of the month)

Vivien Phelan The Ceramicist art blogger for Skylark Galleries

Vivien Phelan is a ceramic artist who enjoys working on the potter's wheel. In its finished shape, her work is often a figure based on the English language - or an animal. Her artwork is  all about having fun and bringing a smile to the viewer's face. Vivien recently was a winner of BBC1’s 'Home is Where The Art Is'. Her blog under the name of 'The Ceramicist' will give you insight into the work of Skylark Galleries' 3D artists.

Stella Tooth 'Art & Soul' portrait & music art blogger Skylark Galleries logo

Stella Tooth - Art & Soul

(4th week of the month)

Stella Tooth 'Art & Soul' portrait and music art blogger for Skylark Galleries

Stella is an award-winning representative artist who has taught drawing in London museums, like the National Portrait Gallery, using their collections for inspiration. A portrait artist, she portrayed well-known news broadcasters from the BBC’s Kate Adie to John Humphrys. She is resident artist at the Half Moon Putney, synonymous with The Rolling Stones, where her musician art is on show. An ex print journalist and BBC/Sky News PR, storytelling is central to her art. Her 'Art & Soul' blog will encompass portraiture and musician art at a time when the UK’s culture sector, seriously impacted by the pandemic, is showing its immense power to heal.

Anna Kriger 'The shape of time' art blogger Skylark Galleries logo

Anna Kriger - The shape of time


Anna Kriger 'The space of time' art blogger for Skylark Galleries

Anna is a Russian-American artist, now living and painting in London.  Her monthly blog, called ’The shape of time' will be exploring how art and time interact. Time means different things to different people.  It can be psychological and cultural - or personal. Anna’s blog 'The shape of time' will see her forming meaningful pictures through the medium of words for the very first time. She says, "It's a struggle, but an imaginary one."

 Each blog will introduce you to the original artwork of at least three Skylark Gallery artists 

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