Helen Trevisiol Duff

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Helen Trevisiol Duff is a painter based in Ealing and working in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. Her passion for colour and light transcends all her work. Her  classical training in the UK and Japan alongside her experience as a fashion colourist reflect in her work. Her response to her environment and the spirit of a place are fundamental to her being. Helen is inspired by architecture, nature and the world around her, enjoying the hustle and bustle of city life alongside the calm and tranquility of London’s waterways, wildlife  and iconic architecture. Her practice is mindfully and quietly applied using Japanese brushes in her energetic response to life working outside as much as possible.
Her motto is Onwards and Upwards.

Houses of Parliament. Watercolour. 30x40cms mounted. £180.00

London Eye. Watercolour. 40x50cms framed £295

Evening Stroll. Watercolour. 28×36 cms. Mounted £65

Statue at The British Museum. Watercolour. 25x30cms. £65

Sunset Tower Bridge. Watercolour. Framed £ 180

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