Gill Hickman

  • Magnificent Cell mixed media painting by textural artist Gill Hickman painting
    by Gill Hickman mixed media & 24k gold leaf on canvas 60 x 60 cm £550
  • Party! embossed mixed media in bright pink with gold leaf embossing by Gill Hickman
    by Gill Hickman embossed mixed media w 24K gold leaf 18 x 16cm £250 framed
  • Silver Thread detail by textural artist Gill Hickman
    by Gill Hickman embossed mixed media 20 x 20 cm SOLD
  • Unity

Gill Hickman calls herself a textural artist, she has a degree in art and education, and graduated in 1976 from Gipsy Hill College, Kingston. She spent 20 years in full time teaching and in the 1990’s after the birth of her son, she left the stressful world of education and re-connected with her inner artist . 

Gill joined Skylark Galleries as an exhibiting artist in 1998 and has been Artist/Director since 2001.

Gill is constantly drawn to texture and has always been inspired by textures and layers in the world around her. Strata in rocks, road surfaces, peeling paint, pebbles, pasta or seeds, foliage, weathered timber etc. are all totally fascinating to her.

Artists who have influenced Gill are; Tapies for his highly textured paintings, and the Boyle Family for their amazing life-­like surfaces, also textural photographers such as Edward Burtynsky, Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Andreas Gursky.

Gill has a passion for hand-made papers and has amassed a large collection from around the world. She creates collages on a cotton paper base (Somerset 350gsm) which she then embosses with textures using an etching press. After drying, she often adds gold or silver leaf which highlights the textures.

One of her favourite papers is a thick hand­-made cotton paper that is made in an old mill in France. It is called Du Chene and it comes in two thicknesses; 350gsm & 600gsm. These papers give a particularly satisfying emboss!

Since the 1990’s Gill has been a daily meditator and finds that her creative practice and her meditation practice often connect. Viewers often describe her work as “calming” and / or “uplifting”.

Since 2008 Gill has been facilitating weekly meditation sessions in SE London. You can see more details here