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Share a Story Month: May 15th: "A Prince among Parrots"

May 15, 2022 3 Comments

Share a Story Month: May 15th: "A Prince among Parrots"

May is "Share a Story Month" and today, Amanda Gosse, one of our bird artists, shares the story of Maestro, her family's pet parrot.
Maestro, a painting by bird artist amanda gosse of a green parrot that was the family pet for many years

A Prince Among Parrots

"During the 1980s I was lucky enough to grow up with one of these extraordinary birds, thanks to my great aunt’s love of antiques. On a visit to an auction house, she was dismayed to discover that one of the lots was a green, live, caged parrot; she couldn't possibly go home without him.

It was then that Maestro, a yellow crowned Amazon parrot, entered into our lives. My aunt was not in a position to be able to take on the responsibility of a pet, so our family was the obvious choice as we already had a growing menagerie.

Maestro soon found his place in the family, going on to become the head honcho. He was an accomplished singer and had a wide vocabulary, guaranteeing thrilled reactions from visitors meeting him for the first time.

Parrots often choose a person and I was lucky to be his favourite for a few years, before he suddenly turned his attention to another family member — they’re fickle! During the time I was his preferred human, he demonstrated his approval of me by hanging upside down from the gutter outside my window and trotting across my duvet singing to me, during a bout of flu. As the early riser of the family I used to bid him "Good morning" when I came downstairs, a greeting which he returned after a few weeks.

We don't know what his life was like before he joined us, but he lived like a king while he was part of our family. Whenever it was safe, he was outside his cage and he loved to be nearby in the garden. I remember him in autumn, flying back to his cage with a purple beak after a meal of fresh elderberries.

It was with great pleasure and many happy memories that I painted this portrait of Maestro. It's on show in Marlborough until May 22nd at The White Horse Bookshop Annual Art Exhibition. It’s a lovely old traditional bookshop and a favourite of the locals." 

Click here to see more of Amanda’s beautiful paintings




3 Responses

carol edgar
carol edgar

June 09, 2022

beautiful bird and beautiful painting. Thanks for sharing your story


May 25, 2022

Heart warming story, thanks

Stellla Tooth
Stellla Tooth

May 21, 2022

This is such a wonderful story about a wonderful friendship with – an albeit fickle – pet. It is a very special portrait as it has fondness painted into every feather. Thank you for sharing your story with us. May he soon find a loving new home.

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