Black lives matter

Black lives matter

One of our artists Helen’s Trevisol Duff’s created this powerful mixed media piece in reaction to the George Floyd murder, to express solidarity in support of change.

Black lives Matter; Helen Trevisol Duff; Political art
Black Lives Matter – Helen Trevisol Duff

Helen says, “Tonight I had a compulsion to create a mixed media piece as a reaction to the horrendous George Floyd murder that had incited such a reaction. I needed to express my anger in a horrendous situation where white elitism has destroyed lives. I feel the need to unite and support and change the situation. Solidarity and making things change is all important. So my lockdown has been propelled into an emotional creative reaction which will be ongoing… I’m passionate, enraged and have paint brushes as ammunition… watch this space ! All my black and white friends are united in making a change.”

She revisits here some of her recent abstract paintings inspired by equality, diversity and the circle of life. She has painted these in layers, exploring the connection between the entities. The image of society rocking along together in harmony where Black Lives Matter and community is balanced. 

Balance expresses her thoughts about harmony and love between communities. The circle represents the life energy where we are born and return to the earth. The past is embedded in layers and the flicker of gold represents the future, rich experiences and love.  The tree of life is an ongoing series where she builds up layers in oil on acrylic representing energy, frequency and harmony.  The smaller canvases are about connection and life.


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