Artwork for Sale – Online Exhibition – The Variety Show

Artwork for Sale – Online Exhibition – The Variety Show

Browse our new online exhibition of original artwork for sale direct from our London based artists. Variety is the key! We have a wide variety of colours, sizes and styles and our artist’s work in a rich variety of materials, techniques and subject matter, so there’s lots of choice and you can buy art online and in our gallery.

Figurative, abstract, ceramic art and more, artwork for sale to brighten up your home or office!

Browse from paintings, oil and acrylic, mixed media, and prints; etchings, lino prints and silkscreen prints, and also original glass sculpture, small ceramic sculpture, and jewellery. There’s such a variety of artwork for sale to enjoy at Skylark Galleries!

Unite and Connect - a Cityscape Painting by Sara Sherwood is about connecting with love

“Uniting and connecting to each other, in faith and also by celebrating our togetherness in our society and the culture of today. Acceptance, tolerance and peace is the message behind this large wall art. Note the couple under St Paul’s with flowers and butterflies are showing us the “birds and the bees”. Also hidden figures within the cathedral. Loving each other and our environment. A celebration of life and love in colour. Inspired by a dream for a better world. “

The original artwork for sale is available at Sara’s website (link below)


New figurative ceramic art by Home is Where the Art Is winner Vivien Phelan

Vivien tends to make single figures which express English sayings; Swims Like a Fish etc. here she has created a couple to capture the magic of a kiss. Vivien was a winner in the BBC programme “Home is Where the Art Is” and has been very busy with commissions ever since. Vivien displays her artwork for sale in our Gabriel’s Wharf gallery and in July she will be exhibiting at Celebrating Ceramics at Waterperry Gardens.


Bee Inspired Art and Jewellery by London artist and Beekeeper Corrine Edwards

Artist Corrine Edwards, is a London beekeeper and a volunteer at the Hive project in Kew Gardens, which focuses on the importance of bees for our ecosystem. Corrine’s artwork for sale is very diverse and includes sculptural ceramics, silver jewellery, etchings, mono-prints. Much of her work is inspired by bees.

See more of Corrine’s bee inspired work in our Special Bee Newsletter 


Modern Cityscapes painted in acrylic by Zsuzsanna Pataki

Shapes of Venice is an amalgam of colours and motifs uniquely blending in this iconic city, Venice has a rich heritage of cultural diversity, reflecting Moorish, Christian, and Jewish motifs.
Mango with St Pauls, London: Icons of old and new cultural standards, offering reflection and healing. I especially appreciate the nod given to Sir Christopher Wren, allowing to reflect his cupola across the glass surfaces of the shopping centre. 

Click here to read  Zsuzsanna’s blog “How Long Did it Take?” inspired by the question that artists are often asked.


May is for Miniatures - An Interesting Challenge for Amanda Gosse

During May 2021, Amanda set herself the challenge of painting one miniature painting every day. Each little gem is just 10 centimetres square. She has enjoyed the challenge and found that some were surprisingly much harder to do than others. Above are Honeybee and Hare, and you can see more of the collection in Amanda’s online shop (link below) each miniature painting is an artwork for sale at £50.

Which is your favourite?


Illustrator and Printmaker Kelly Stewart shows a couple of her favourite views of London

Kelly Stewart, was born in Australia, and has lived and worked in Edinburgh since 2000. She has been involved with Skylark Galleries for many years and Skylark is the only gallery in London that currently presents Kelly’s screen-prints. You can see a short video of Kelly in the studio which gives an idea of the silk screen process, which can be quite complicated. The two images above were made with up to 30 individual screens, one screen for each colour!  These prints and more artworks for sale are available on Kelly’s website. See below.


Indian Folk Art by Smita Sonthalia

India is known for its diverse culture and traditions, each state has a unique form of painting style that portrays the rich heritage of the area. These styles are visible in the art created there, which is known as folk art.

Smita, originally from India, has created many artworks inspired by Indian Folk Art. Two examples are presented above, details of these  and many more artworks for sale online can be seen on Smita’s website (link below) and in our gallery in Gabriel’s Wharf.


Two new coastal inspired semi abstracts from Carol Edgar

These two semi-abstract landscapes / seascapes were inspired by visits to Cumbria

You can see more of Carol’s paintings in our gallery in Gabriel’s Wharf and in our online shop.


A Little Bit of Magic from Nicolette Carter - Twelve Dancing Princesses

Here is a beautiful and uplifting image for midsummer. Nicolette was a winner on BBC’s programme “Home is Where the Art Is” and has been busy with commissions ever since. She also recently published a children’s book The Pink Peacock which she wrote and illustrated. Nico’s artwork for sale can be seen in our Gabriel’s Wharf gallery.




Beautiful Art made from Glass and metal by Eryka Isaak

This free standing glass sculpture with leaf design was made by Eryka in her South London studio.

Linocuts with South Indian themes by Sangeeta Bhagawati

Sangeeta took up lino-printing in 2014 when she first arrived in London. She enjoys using various types of home made paper from India and cutting her lino blocks into interlocking shapes. All her artwork is for sale.


Ceramic tile paintings by Scottish born artist Linda Samson

Linda uses a unique process.  She makes the tiles by beating, rolling and cutting the clay into the required size for the design. The designs are often derived from her oil paintings. When  the tiles are dry she draws the design, paints them with ceramic underglazes and fires them in her kiln. Finally she polishes the tiles with beeswax and sets them in a frame. Linda’s studio is in Fife, Scotland where she grew up, by the sea which is often referenced in her work. 


Celebrating Two of London's Many Street Performers by Stella Tooth

Portrait artist Stella loves music and performance and particularly London’s rich culture of street performers. Here are two portraits of street performers she came across on the South Bank. Stella has lots more artworks for sale in her online shop (link below)




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