Zsuzsanna Pataki

  • Doge’s palace, Venice, 100x100cm, acrylics on deep edge canvas, £950
  • Charing X Bridge, 50x50cm, acrylics on deep edge canvas, £350
  • One London Place, 60x80cm, acrylics on deep edge canvas, £420
  • Barcelona Cathedral 2, 100x150cm, acrylics and metallic leaves on deep edge canvas, £1300 (sold)
  • St Pauls and Blackfriars Bridge, view from the South Bank, 50x70cm, acrylics on deep edge canvas, £360 (sold)

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Zsuzsanna Pataki is a visual storyteller: an award-winning cityscape artist (2016 Kent Open), industrial
colorist, with an eye for colour and beauty in unexpected places.
Holding an MA in Italian, she is an avid student of cities and peoples, the spaces that contain such a
variety of lives. The fruitful coexistence of man and nature, determining a city’s atmosphere, is her
theme in many of her recent London paintings. History happening as we paint it: people shaping their
space with architecture, infused with the smells and sounds of toil and leisure, flashes of colour and
light all there then gone in an instant.

Zsuzsanna captures the atmosphere of a place with a quick hand. She moves from liquid translucent
washes thrown with precision to thick layers of broken colours worked with the palette knife; metallic
finishes of gold and silver introduce a further dimension of constantly changing reflected lights.
Zsuzsanna invites the viewer to take part in the creative experience, which is thus shared between the
painter-storyteller and viewer-protagonist.

Her recent bodies of work include cityscapes of London, Venice, Barcelona, and of various industrial
ports, inspired by her annual travel across Europe. She is also fond of floral abstracts and portraits.

Zsuzsanna joined Skylark Galleries in 2017

Selected exhibitions:
Ripley Arts Centre, Bromley: ‘Venice, the Exhibition’
Ripley Arts Centre, Bromley: ‘European Port Cities’
McBrides Accountants, Sidcup: ‘Cityscapes’
Skylark Galleries—ongoing exhibit
Coolings Garden Centre: ‘Enchanted Nature Collection’
Judge and Priestley Solicitors: ‘Iconic London’
Affordable Art Fair, London, Battersea—with Skylark Galleries
OBS Gallery Tonbridge, ‘Lustre 18’ –group exhibition
Skylark Galleries—ongoing exhibit

St Paul’s and Blackfriars Bridge,  50x70cm, acrylic on canvas,

£360 SOLD


Barcelona Cathedral 2, 100x150cm, acrylic and metallic leaves on canvas,

£1,300 SOLD

Charing Cross Bridge, 50x50cm, acrylic on canvas,


Canal Grande by Night, 50x100cm, acrylic on canvas,



Doge’s Palace, Venice, 100x100cm, acrylic on canvas,


Leonardo Orchid, 100x100cm, acrylic on canvas,


One London Place, 60x80cm, acrylic on canvas,


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