Sangeeta Bhagawati

  • गरिमा (Garima) Linoprint
  • “कली” (bud) EV 3/10 Linoprint on Chine Collé
  • Linoprint on Chine Collé

What inspires you? 
My memories and experiences of growing up as a woman in South Asian culture.

Who are your favourite artists and why? 
Anupam Sud – her etchings are full of thought-provoking narratives; master printmaker Krishna Reddy for his most unique intaglio prints; Riya Hamid for her strong and authentic representation of diasporic South Asian experience.

Tell us about a memorable exhibition or creative event you experienced? 
A recent one is Yayoi Kusama’s ‘THE MOVING MOMENT WHEN I WENT TO THE UNIVERSE’ exhibition. I am a fan of her infinity rooms.

Is there a common theme to your work?/What is your work about? 
I often put South Asian women as the subject of my print and channel feelings of rebellion and freedom through my designs. Dwelling on ideas of layering and palimpsest has been a favourite engagement for me – hence the obsession with Chine-collé and multiple layers.

What is your favourite medium of artist’s tool to work with and why? 
I have a passion for lino print and Chine-collé. I love to work with various types of paper, especially Khadi and Japanese Washi paper for printing and origami paper for Chine-collé. My favourite tool is a V shaped lino-cutting tool that I have been using for the last two years.

What do you think art offers society?

What experiences enabled you to develop your skills as an artist? 
My husband has been a very positive push which made me take practising art seriously. Further, my printmaking sessions under the tutoring of David Holah have been a major factor in developing my skills.

What do you love most about being an artist? 
The joy of seeing a print emerge out of the press just the way I wanted it to – I have never known delight as heartfelt as that!

Your favourite place to visit in London? 
Shepherds bookbinders in Pimlico – they have an amazing collection of Khadi and Japanese paper. I can spend hours in that shop!

Best bit of advice you came across? 
The ink isn’t thin enough till you hear the swish turn into a gentle murmur – my tutor’s tip to roll out ink for lino prints.

What do you want to achieve as an artist? 
Be part of a diverse community of artists and printmakers and help each other’s growth and representation.

What is the single most important thing art has given you? 
A medium to represent all my thought bubbles.

Most inspiring season and why? 
শৰৎ (xorot – roughly mid-August to mid-October) in my home state of Assam. I think it’s the most sensory month and the sight of seasonal flowers and blue sky after a long summer is very calming to me.

What regularly makes you smile? 
Phone calls from home.

Number of hot drinks in a typical studio day? 
Three, mostly.

Most pleasing artwork you created to date? 
I have always said this to be the tiny etching which was my first ever print. Seeing it emerge from the press was a milestone moment for me – I knew I wanted to keep making prints from that moment.

Share a tip for overcoming ‘artist’s block’ 
Drink coffee. Doodle a lot without any pressure or purpose.

গ্ৰীষ্ম/ग्रीष्म (Summer) Linoprint and Chine-collé


গ্ৰীষ্ম/ग्रीष्म (Summer) Linoprint on Chine Collé


“कली” (bud) 
Linoprint on Chine Collé


गरिमा (Garima)

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