Linda Samson

Linda Samson

Linda Samson studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. She works mainly in oils; also in mixed media and ceramics and more recently lithography and etching. Her work is bold and colourful, predominantly figurative, often imbued with the landscape of her childhood, spent on the east coast of Scotland. The sea, sky, birds, the sun, the moon rising over the water are all motifs that often recur in her work.


Early on, Linda became interested in twin images, reflections, and the imaginary masks women wear in their different identities and roles. Influences are Picasso, Matisse, Chagall, Miro, & early De Chirico. Linda often works by choosing a theme and working across the media, exploring how the images are affected and changed by each medium and its techniques.

Visits to Paris in the last three years have produced more colourful genre work both in ceramics and etchings. At present she is working on large oils, moving away from the figurative to more abstract work. Linda has exhibited in many exhibitions over the last fifteen years in London and New York.

Recent commissions have been a large ceramic work for the Medical School at St Georges hospital, a series of etchings to illustrate a poetry book, published last year, and a design for a stained glass window in Scotland. Her work figures in private collections in London, Paris, New York and Edinburgh. 

Linda has been exhibiting with Skylark Galleries since 2012. Read more about Linda’s work in our recent blog

Essex Girl, ceramic tile painting in white frame 38x38cm,


Bowl of Cherries, oil on canvas in white frame, 105 x85cm


Woman Sleeping, ceramic tile painting in white frame, 48x48cm,


Harbour Lights, oil on canvas in white frame, 65x65cm,

Gone Fishing, ceramic tile painting in white frame, 48x48cm,