Eryka Isaak

  • Clear River Rapids by glass artist and sculptor Eryka Isaak
    by Eryka Isaak  Bowl sculpture, glass & metals Size: 56 x 50 x 14cm
  • Exoplanet I by glass artist, unique glass sculpture, glass hangings, Eryka Isaak 
    by Eryka Isaak  Wall hanging, glass & metals Size: 75cm diameter x 3cm
  • Exoplanet III by glass artist Eryka Isaak: glass bowls, glass sculpture, glass hangings, 
    by Eryka Isaak  Bowl sculpture, glass & metals Size: 75cm diameter x 3cm
  • Mineral Motion III by glass artist Eryka Isaak
    by Eryka Isaak Table sculpture, glass & metals Size: 30 x 30 x 20cm
  • Loop Tree Landscape by glass artist Eryka Isaak
    by Eryka Isaak Glass & copper Size: 190 x 35 x 2cm

The daughter of scientists, her father was a solar physicist, Eryka has always been interested in pushing the boundaries and testing limits. While studying glass at Staffordshire University Eryka first discovered the thrill of combining glass and metals. She graduated in 1993 and set up her first studio in Birmingham. She now works out of her studio in south east London

Inspired by the trail left by the death of an electron, or the pitted surface of a copper water tank, Eryka Isaak explores the diverse relationship glass has with metal, process and scale. She continually tries to push the boundaries of the materials within a heat process, and often with a simple form, allowing the colour variations and textures to take centre-stage.

Searching for visual harmony, and harnessing the material transformations, she creates works filled with secrecy and dynamism. Eryka also challenges the sometimes-perceived fragility of studio glass, and invites the perception of a robust, wonderfully tactile, and enduring material. Drawn more recently towards abstract landscape and ocean, Eryka endeavours to capture movement within the glass, caught in a current, or trapped like fossils, and sediment within rock.

The movement of natural and artificial light, through the pieces plays an important role. Eryka is available to make site specific artwork to commission. Often using recycled materials, particularly copper, metals acquired from manufacturing processes contain their own unique reaction when fused in glass.

Recent works are inspired by her sister’s work at the European Space Agency. A satellite mission in search of ‘exoplanets’ – that is, planets outside our solar system. No-one knows exactly what these exoplanets look like. Eryka has seized this opportunity to visualise these heavenly bodies in her own unique way.

Eryka exhibits with Skylark Galleries at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea in October.