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Corrine Edwards 27.9.55 - 4.9.21

Corrine Edwards was a local artist who lived and worked in Waterloo SE1 for 35 years. She was a well loved member of Skylark Galleries from March 2018 to August 2021. She sadly passed away on 4th September 2021 after a very short illness and is greatly missed by all her friends, family, colleagues and collectors.

She trained as a Printed Textile designer at Winchester school of Art & at The Royal College of Art. RCA
Edwards was also a Jeweller who created a range of Contemporary Silver jewellery rich in texture.

She worked for many years at Morley college in the ceramics & printmaking departments.

Edwards worked with a variety of media and techniques. Inspired by ancient symbols, maritime and archeological finds such as
Ghanaian Adinkra symbols from West Africa, Runes, Megalithic sites and stone circles, Sacred geometry worldwide. Also The Springs, Wells and Holy sites of Our Sacred Albion.

Corrine Edwards brought to her work a deep knowledge and interest in cultures, symbols, texture, materials and forms. She created myriad sculptures, prints and mixed-media pieces in a wide variety of materials and found objects.

Human size crowns with Cowrie shell imprints take the place of traditional jewels and harken back to the historic use of these shells as currency. Larger works, such as the long wall pieces titled ‘Banana leaf boat’, are incised or painted with oxides.

She made plaques with Ghanaian Adinkra symbols impressed and carved into their surfaces; Adinkra symbol pods referencing the stamps used in fabric printing as well as potato printing methods are further utilised by this resourceful artist. Double plantains, eggs, abstract animal and human forms can all be seen within these works.

Corrine’s ceramic works were hand built by the artist with stoneware clay, brushed with oxides and double dipped in a distinctive signature dry sky-blue glaze prior to firing. Corrine also created mono-prints often using her ceramics, jewellery and found objects: these are made with silver ink on black tissue paper emphasising the textures and forms of each piece. Framed three dimensional collages incorporating found objects, sewing thread, hair and components from a record deck round out this multi-dimensional and striking installation.

Edwards was also a London Beekeeper and often referenced honeybee imagery and mythology in her work. Corrine has also made photo etchings of her feet in water and of Pollen lemniscate (Infinity symbol) from her bees.

Her vast collection of Ceramic works included; Long wall pieces, Clogs, (textured with bird seeds) Dice, Crowns, Face casts. Eggs, Plantains, Horse shoes, Cowrie imprints on bowls. Ghanaian Adinkra symbols. Abstract sculptures of figures and animals including Fire Dogs.

Edwards was also a Dowser and Pure bioenergy healer. Her favourite place in London was the 13 tree circle in Green Park.