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Dandelion Flight by Helen Trevisiol Duff



The dandelion is said to thrive in difficult conditions and people say the flower symbolises the ability to rise above life's challenges. It represents intelligence in a spiritual and emotional sense. The birds soaring through the vast sky above evoke a feeling of freedom, discovery and hope.

Hand printed collagraph print where a handmade plate is built up slowly with layers of texture which are drawn into using a blade, cutting out on different levels. Hawthorn oil inks are blended with linseed jelly which is applied with a roller and then worked into by hand using scrim. A vintage etching Press is used to create an intaglio and relief impression on pre dampened Fabriano paper.
Inspired by nature and the connection between the earth and sky. Finished discreetly with subtle and fine detail in metallic gouache and signed by the artist.
There is a limited edition run of 25 in these colours, as the print is individually hand printed using a vintage printing press. As the inks are hand mixed, slight variations will make each one unique.

Oil ink on Fabriano paper.
Dimensions of Image: 21 x 15cm on paper 25 x 23cm
Dimensions of Frame / Mount: Printed on Fabriano paper and available unframed in a soft white mount.
Actual Weight: 700g packed flat.

Limited edition of 25 but each impression is unique.
A certificate of authenticity will be provided with this artwork.
UK mainland delivery included.

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