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Magnolia by Judy Head


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The massive Magnolia opens her bracts before her leaves – a welcome sight towards the end of March. However, on this occasion the display was late and the warm, dry weather of that April spring caused the bracts to open unevenly with discolouration. This fascinating tree is one of the oldest in the planet, and she will have seen many changes in climate over the last 90 million years! The curious smooth, grey sheen of the trunk contrasts with the wrinkled, mossy branches that support waxy, pink bracts and tiny infant leaves unfurling. The oval chop placed under my signature means Painting Brings Peace.

I use traditional Japanese brushes, washi paper made from Mulberry leaves, and inks made from soot and coloured minerals. The frame is made from unwaxed Ash and the artwork is float mounted. The frame supports two D rings and picture wire for hanging.

Dimensions of Image: 49.5cm x 29cm
Dimensions of Frame/Mount: 64.5cm x 44.4cm
Weight: 2.8kg

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