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Skylark ceramicist Schneider is selected for exclusive show in Meissen, Germany

July 21, 2022

Schneider, In the Name of 2021, porcelain assemblage tea pot with slip transfer print, soft turquoise glaze, gold + white gold lusters

Organised by the Association for the Promotion of Contemporary Porcelain (Verein zur Förderung zeitgenössischer Porzellankunst e.V.) and the Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen GmbH, the 3rd Porcelain Biennale has opened its doors to the public. 

From over 100 applicants, 25 contemporary artists, working in porcelain, were chosen to showcase their work in the special exhibition space of Meissen’s Albrechtsburg castle. 

The exhibition is running from 18th July to 25 September 2022 and shows an eclectic range of all things porcelain:

'Contemporary porcelain art – what a fertile, experimental field it is! The fruit of all the experimentation which you are able to see in this latest selection is truly amazing and diverse: from witty, whimsical, morbid and subtle to elegant, poetic, delicate and fragile – and artistically impressive in each case. Sarah Engelmann - Kulturreferentina and member of the Selection Panel.

Schneider, who was born and raised in East Germany and now lives in London, was absolutely delighted to be selected for this prestigious exhibition.

Below are three of her powerful works from the exhibition, each full of mystery and surprise;

Schneider, In The Name Of 2021, porcelain slipcast assemblage tea pot with slip transfer print, soft turquoise glaze, gold + white gold lusters

In The Name Of
2021, 26 x 15 x 18cm

porcelain slipcast assemblage tea pot, slip transfer print, soft turquoise glaze, gold + white gold lusters

stop bottle, an original hand built porcelain sculpture by skylark galleries ceramicist Schneider

2022, 20 x 10 x 43cm

slip cast and hand build porcelain bottle stops, hand built and thrown stoneware bottle, transparent and celadon glazes,

gold and white gold lustres

Schneider Head 2021, slip cast porcelain head on red earthenware plinth with gold and white gold lustres, resin, flies

2021, 14 x 14 x 37cm

slip cast porcelain head construction on red earthenware plinth,

slip-transfer mono-prints, soft turquoise glaze, gold and white gold lustres, resin, flies

To see more of Schneider's unique & quirky creations

visit her website

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