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Share a Story Month: May 8th: Figurine finds a New Home

May 08, 2022 1 Comment

Share a Story Month: May 8th: Figurine finds a New Home

clay figurine on a white wooden cube by ceramic artist ruty benjaminiMay is “Share a Story Month” and today Ruty Benjamini, one of our ceramic artists, shares a charming story about how her ceramic piece “Figurine on a White Cube” found it’s new home.


Ruty says;


“As well as making organic vessels and bowls, I also enjoy the challenge of making small female figurines from clay. I get inspiration for these from my weekly life drawing classes. The figurines are usually small enough to sit in the hand, and viewers love the opportunity to hold them and see them from all angles.


I sold one of these figurines (which I’d made to sit on a white cube) in the early days of our Skylark online shop, in February 2021. The customer, Alison Stewart, sent me a simple message on my website, saying she wanted to buy the figurine. Delighted, I emailed her and instructed her to buy via our Shopify shop, which she did, and I then wrapped the piece and sent it off to her.


 Here are a couple of quotes from Alison’s subsequent communication with me:
(She gave me permission to share her story and to quote her on social media)

. . . “Thank you for the link - all purchased now. I love your figurine work and first saw it several years ago when my mum and I went to an Art Fair in Bristol. (This was the Affordable Art Fair 2015 I think) At that time I didn't have the funds to buy a piece, but my mum died 18 months ago and I've just had an inheritance from her estate, so I thought it would be nice to use some of the money to buy a figurine in her memory.”


And later that week. . .


“The figurine arrived safe and sound on Friday, much to my delight. She's absolutely wonderful. There's something very organic about her and I love being able to touch her - that's the lovely thing about owning sculpture. In a gallery or museum you can look but not touch - for obvious reasons - but some pieces just cry out to be handled. She looks perfect on the bookcase next to my mum's photo and I look forward to being able to show her to people when they visit. When it's finally allowed again!”


Click here to see Ruty's current collection of figurines and other work.


What a beautiful story!! As artists we love to hear about where our pieces now live and how they came to be chosen.

Do you have a story to share about an artwork you own perhaps? 





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Stella Tooth
Stella Tooth

May 21, 2022

What a lovely story Ruty about how art can so touch a person’s life.

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