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Affordable art: The Promise of Spring by Wild Thing

February 10, 2021 1 Comment

Wild thing blogger handle of artist Amanda Gosse

Although it is only early February and, as I write this, it is -2° here in Wiltshire, there is definitely a sense that Spring isn’t far away. During the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed that birds are more vocal, practicing for nesting time and establishing their territories. Most prominent have been the drumming of a distant woodpecker and the rich, melodious song of a blackbird — an absolute treat to listen to.

Snow fell last week which was a fun and exciting discovery for my antipodean hound, who quickly ruffled the perfectly even carpet of white. Temperatures plummeted, sound was softened and the world sparkled as we walked across the ancient landscape, punctuated only by the sarsen stones, which the area is famous for.

It is no wonder that February’s traditional flower is the primrose; these surprisingly hardy little plants start to brave the elements, displaying their delicate, pale yellow flowers, well before winter has passed. Snowdrops — January’s traditional flower symbol — are now in full, glorious bloom, crowding beneath trees and beyond, gently nodding their white bonnets.

A few things to look out for in February
Waxwings wintering in the UK. Normally visiting from around November until March, these beautiful apricot-hued birds with flamboyant crest, thick black eyeliner and yellow tail tips, feed on berries before returning to Scandinavia.
Velvet Shank. During the winter, trees can be seen festooned with these pretty brown-orange capped mushrooms.
The days are getting noticeably longer.

The three artworks I have chosen this month are:

Inner Strength by Gill Hickman
Inner Strength 18/25 by Gill Hickman £120
Polar bears pencil on paper by Stella Tooth
Polar Bears by Stella Tooth £90
Blue penguin by Caroline Nuttall-Smith
Blue Penguin by Caroline Nuttall-Smith £48
Wild Thing Blog

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February 14, 2021

Such a positive piece. I will venture out into the cold looking for all the bright signs of spring!

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