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Collector's Corner - New Year New Home

January 21, 2022 1 Comment

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The comfort and look of our home can have a significant impact on how we feel. If your living space is looking a bit dull, tired or uninspired, the New Year is the perfect time to give it a revamp with affordable art.

My first bike ride oil on canvas by Stella Tooth British figurative artist room view of a perfect art gift

My first bike ride by Stella Tooth £520

From introducing new lighting, jazzing up your sofa with new cushions and throws to hanging new art work or rehanging pieces you have collected over the years here are five affordable ways you can improve your living space.


Aquamarine by Amanda Gosse original artwork


Aquamarine by Amanda Gosse £40

Choose the right lights 

Creating the right lighting is an incredibly important part of improving your home.

It can add warmth, ambience plus focal points and is easy to update without breaking the bank. With a bit of imagination even the simplest living area can become a sanctuary. Switching to a warmer coloured light bulb can make a difference.

Nigella by Michael Frank photographer

Nigella by Michael Frank photographer £120

Buying two feature lamps, or up-cycling existing lamps with a new shade, can transform a room. Think about lighting a feature wall showcasing your favourite artwork by linking a colour of a shade with a colour within the painting.

St Paul's Cathedral art gift by Ed J Bucknall of Skylark Galleries

St Paul's Cathedral by Ed J Bucknall £35

Paint your walls

An easy way to spruce up your environment is to get the rollers out and paint your walls.

This can be refreshing, relaxing and create a new dynamic. Have a look at your artwork and think about which colour would enhance it. This can be a colour within the painting or one that would work well alongside. A moody dark, even if only on one wall, can look contemporary or a soft neutral is calming and relaxing. Painting your walls can reinvigorate a space and create a new backdrop to showcase your favourite pieces. 

If you don't want to splurge on a new sofa why not add a new throw or accent cushions. Mixing them up can create a fun, bohemian effect. Adding a new accent colour which relates to the art on your walls will freshen up the room. Pantones new colour for 2022 is called veri peri, a bluish purple which can add a new dimension to your home.

Angel wings by Heather Tobias ceramicist

Angel wings by Heather Tobias £35

Get creative with art

There are many ways to inject some creativity into your living space. Creating a stylish look with a mixture of photographs in black and white interspersed with small and large sizes can look great. Introducing mirrors into an eclectic gallery wall creates reflection and bounces off light.

Original paintings hung on their own can look very stylish on a wall or propped up on a sideboard, mantlepiece or strong shelf next to other artifacts. Alternatively if you are creative, up-cycle vintage textiles or photos by reframing them or make your own art to hang on the walls?

If you're not into creating your own and feel like pampering yourself this New Year then choose a new piece of art. At Skylark Galleries we have an amazing selection of art to choose from including paintings, prints, ceramics and textile art. Nothing can transform your space more than a wonderful new artwork hung centre stage.

Freedom flight by Helen Trevisiol Duff

Freedom flight by Helen Trevisiol Duff £120 - and room view belo

Freedom flight room view by Helen Trevisiol Duff


Rehome your ceramics

Moving things around is always a great way of creating new focal points within the home. Think of rehoming your ceramics or 3D art on an up-cycled freshly painted piece of furniture or coffee table creating a beautiful new area for art in your room.

Or how about putting up floating shelves on a feature wall giving space around the objects and a new importance to your ceramics. 

Reposting a houseplant or lamp next to your artwork can create a new look.


With some careful thought and planning, your home environment can take on a whole new feel. Have a look through our artists' work online or pop down to our gallery on Gabriel's Wharf, London Southbank to see if anything captures your imagination?

Dom Beken Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets original artwork perfect art gift by Stella Tooth musician artist

Dom Beken of Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets by Stella Tooth £250

Have a creative and relaxing 2022 from all of us at Skylark Galleries.

Collector's Corner is written by Skylark Galleries' The Colourist blogger, Helen Trevisiol Duff. 


The Colourist blogger bio of Helen Trevisiol Duff artist

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January 25, 2022

I am moving house soon and this is a really helpful article, thank you!

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