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Zen by Gill Hickman



The dense golden form embues this piece with spirit and makes the background somehow reminiscent of Tibetan monks’ robes. This was a new departure for me to cover more than just a line with gold and I like the result. I feel that Zen relates to Toward the One almost as if one is breathing out and the other breathing in.

Embossed mixed media, acrylic & 24k gold leaf on 600gsm cotton paper. Float mounted in a lime-waxed ash box frame.

Size of image: 42 x 37cm (16 x 14.5 inches).
Size of frame: 66 x 59 x 3.5cm (26 x 23.2 x 1.5 inches).
Weight: 1.5kg.

A Certificate of Authenticity can be provided with this artwork.

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