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The SO Trio - Brighton by Stella Tooth



Led by the vocalist Sara Oschlag, who gives SO Trio its name, the group I caught in Brighton gives audiences a smooth and relaxing musical experience, the trio are one of the most exciting jazz bands for hire today.  Backed by the sounds of the upright bass and jazz guitar, Sara sings many well-known jazz songs, including Night and Day but also draws on swing and Bossa Nova, taking audiences to a bygone era. 

I caught these jazz musicians – Matt Wall on guitar and Roy Gee on tenor sax – entertaining people in open air cafes on a beautiful sunny day in Brighton.  Jazz is about using the blues scale, syncopation (where the beat is on the upbeat) and, of course, improvisation.  It was some of these musical qualities I wanted to suggest with my choice of cool background colours separating the musicians physically but warm instruments uniting them (blues & improvisation) and my use of negative space - the equivalent of pauses in music (syncopation).

Oil on canvas. Framed.

Frame:  44.5 x 54.5 x 3cm (17.52 x 21.46 x 1.18 inches).
Weight: 2kg

A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with this artwork.

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