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Starry Night 3 by Linda Samson



The tile painting, Starry night 3, started out as a life drawing but as always in my work, took on a life of its own. The figure of the girl resting on the back of a chair meets our gaze. She seems to be waiting for someone or something. Through the window we can see that it’s evening as the stars are out. By using rich bright colours and simple forms, my aim is to enhance the impression of warm invitation. An alluring girl, mysterious, but interested in our response. She is telling us her story, listen!

Ceramic tile painting. Framed.

Size of image: 22 x 43cm (8.66 x 16.93 inches).
Size of frame: 39 x 63cm (15.35 x 24.80 inches).
Weight: 2.4kg

Each tile is handmade with earthenware clay, painted with underglazes, fired to 1000°C, polished with beeswax, permanently glued to a wood backing and framed in white wood.
© Linda Samson 2020.

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