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Cowries by Corrine Edwards



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I have incorporated Cowrie shell imprints in many  of my Art pieces. I made 200 of these round shapes that fit in the palm of the hand. A cowrie is pressed into each one. Crowns. Masks. Jewellery. Large plates. Wall pieces. Small sculptures such as Ginger bread cowries. Brooches.  "I have incorporated cowrie imprints in European style crowns, replacing the stolen jewels and precious stones with the cowrie imprints. Cowries were used in Africa as currency. They were also used in divination, decoration and as symbols of fertility. Which you can read more about on Skylark galleries Ceramicist blog.

Photo etching with pale blue Chine Colleé on Cream Somerset paper. Limited edition 50. Unframed.

Image size 15 x 15 cm. 6 x 6” On A3 paper. 

Available in black and white, please enquire.

A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with this artwork.

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