Sarah Knight

  • Landscape in Tofino Blue by semi-abstract seascape artist Sarah Knight
    by Sarah Knight Original oil+pencil 15x24cm
  • Landscape in Inchyra by semi-abstract seascape artist Sarah Knight
    by Sarah Knight Original oil+pencil 20x20cm
  • Directions in Stone Blue by London artist lino-printmaker Sarah Knight
    by Sarah Knight limited edition linocut+pencil 20x20cm

Sarah is both a painter and a print maker, creating textured oil landscapes and botanical themed linocut prints.

Her art is part of her identity, and has been a constant focus of creativity and drive throughout her life.

Sarah paints semi-abstract land and seascapes, using oils, working generally from memory, inspired by places travelled to. Firstly she uses a print roller to build a fine layer of blended colour. Then builds on that using a palette knife and thick oil paint, to create a lovely textured surface. When it’s dry, she sketches over the surface in pencil to add little details of movement and shadow. It’s a fluid, subconscious process to let the picture evolve.

Sarah studied Illustration at University, and her final year was spent mainly producing Collagraphs. She loved the process, from sketching ideas, to planning the composition, then the hand making/ carving of the printing plate which can lead to all sorts of happy accidents (or unhappy!). In the last few years this passion for print has transferred to making linocuts. It allows a kind of expression similar to sketching, but on a plate that can be changed with colour over and over. Sarah hand mixes inks so that the colour balance within a print can be carefully chosen, and each is hand finish with pencil details in the same way as the oil paintings.

Sarah’s oil paintings range in price from £80 for a mounted mini landscape – £650 for a large canvas with floating frame.

Her linocuts are limited editions, and range from £60 – £195 depending on their size and colour layers.

Sarah does take commissions in both mediums. To see more examples of her artwork, please follow the links below.