Sara Sherwood

  • Blue cityscape of London
    Cityscape of London. Hand embellished canvas print Polar Paws Sky by Sara Sherwood
  • Cityscape of London by Sara Sherwood. Multi coloured
    Cityscape of London by Sara Sherwood. Multi coloured
  • Pale summer coloured cityscape
    Cityscape of London by Sara Sherwood.

Sara Sherwood creates both abstract and cityscape art. Her use of colour is magnificent and unique.

Working on oils, she interprets feelings of joy into paint and often her art has a deeper meaning. She also hides tiny details in the sweeping skies or textured reflections from couples dancing to birthday dates. Her imagination is unlimited and she works happily on commission with over 15 years experience. She is open to new ideas and will push the boundaries of her own creativity to deliver something truly unique and special.

With an inclusive pricing policy, her small prints start at £95, with uniquely embellished canvas prints @ £450 to typical cityscape originals @ £650 to £1850.

Sara studied interior design at art college so can also offer art placement and design advise.
To discover more, see videos of how she works, hidden meanings explained, as well as available works of art please visit her website on the links below.