Sara Sherwood

  • Blue cityscape of London
    Cityscape of London. Hand embellished canvas print Polar Paws Sky by Sara Sherwood
  • Cityscape of London by Sara Sherwood. Multi coloured
    Cityscape of London by Sara Sherwood. Multi coloured
  • Pale summer coloured cityscape
    Cityscape of London by Sara Sherwood.


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What inspires you?
There is beauty everywhere and I am captivated by curves and reflections in nature. I also experience a deep spirituality when I paint and this is the main inspiration for my art.

Who are your favourite artists and why?
I love Turner, Monet and Degas.

Tell us about a memorable exhibition or creative event you experienced.
Grand Designs Live is always a great exhibition to gain valuable feedback as well as listening to client ideas for their build projects. I am often involved at an early stage for commissions as clients visualise their new homes and place the artwork in key focal points in harmony with the interior and architecture.

Is there a common theme to your work?
My art is a narrative of emotion and spirituality; it is about light in all meanings of the word. My cityscapes are a popular choice so they have developed the most over time as they have been the most frequently painted.

>What is your favourite medium or artist’s tool to work with and why?
Oil is my favourite medium used with brushes and a palette knife. I also use my hands to blend the paint on the canvas and elbows make great flower shapes! See “Growing towards the Light” You can build oil up in layers, work into it and show the layer below or work alla-prima. All the techniques are great fun and I learn more when I play with paint and discover new ways to be expressive with it.

What do you think art offers society?
Art is a reflection of society and the people that create it. I believe that if you work with positivity it can resonate in the art and this can uplift the viewer. There have been studies to prove that art is beneficial in the workplace so I think this would apply to any environment.

>What experiences enabled you to develop your skills as an artist?
I was very lucky to work with a gallery who was very commercial and critical in my first years as an artist. I took on the feedback and focused to make my painting better as well as maintaining my creative freedom. Client commissions push me in new directions with sometimes stunning results. I enjoy collaboration and working to a brief. It brings discipline and pleasure.

Your favourite place to visit in London?
I love the river and watching the colours and reflections in the water and glass windows as well as the big sky’s above London’s landmarks.

What is the single most important thing art has given you?
Art has given me 3 things all equally important: Independence, health and freedom

Most inspiring season and why?
Summer is the most inspiring season for me as I am happiest when I am warm. Sunshine for me is bliss.

Number of hot drinks in a typical studio day?
Endless cups of tea, often left cold on the side when painting!

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