Ruty Benjamini

  • Turquoise and Red Heart Bowl by Artist Ruty Benjamini
    Turquoise and red heart. ceramic. H5X10.5X9.5cm
  • Turquoise Leaf Imprint by Artist Ruty Benjamini
    Turquoise Leaf Imprint. ceramic. 16.5X12cm
  • Green Shell by Artist Ruty Benjamini
    Green Shell. ceramic. H9X21X11cm

I am an Israeli born Ceramic Artist living and working in South East London. I studied Ceramics at Camberwell College of Art, London. I have exhibited my artwork in UK, Europe and Israel, and participated in international ceramic symposiums in Israel, Poland and Belarus. I have been a member of Skylark Galleries since 2006, I teach ceramics part time to adults and the elderly. My artwork is a personal journey exploring my identity, connecting to my roots and expressing the process of growth, evolution and the layering that makes up a whole. I make one-off and family groups of sculptural vessels, female figurines, and wall pieces.

My inspiration comes from natural forms and textures, weathered and effaced surfaces and ancient ceramic and glass objects found in Israel and Mediterranean countries. I create forms that are organic, asymmetrical, and evocative of animal and human shapes and movements. Their surfaces emulate the visual qualities of objects revealed in archaeological digs, or washed to shore by the sea. I work in an intuitive and experimental way, treading a fine line between being in control of my material and allowing the unexpected to happen.