Joel Sydenham

Artist Joel Sydenham, based in Acton, London, is creative in many ways. He gave up a degree in chemical engineering to follow his dream of being an artist and is now a successful painter, poet and designer known as chidi3s.

What inspires Joel is humanity, society, existential concepts, and human connections to the natural world. He loves connecting with people on an emotional level. His paintings often focus on a particular aspect of human experience, whilst also linking to the bigger picture. Joel believes we are all part of something larger than the sum total of our individual selves and that every community belongs to the global society.

When not painting or creating in the studio, Joel might be found;

  • feeding his art on an intellectual level through studying the physical sciences,
  • writing spoken word poetry, which he performs regularly around London.
  • working as an Art Tutor with Hounslow council’s adult education, where he creates and teaches adult and family learning courses.
  • collaborating with charities and youth centres around London, using art to create a positive impact in people’s lives.

Joel’s philosophy is “self-expression, leads to self-knowledge, which leads to self-actualization” He believes every individual is born a creative genius, and his personal goal, through teaching is to help people gain the skills they need to express that genius.

Several of Joel’s paintings and drawings are on display at our Gabriel’s Wharf gallery.

You can see more of his paintings, prints and many of his other creative enterprises on his website