Corrine Edwards

Corrine Edwards is a local artist living and working in Waterloo SE1.

She trained as a Printed Textile designer at Winchester school of Art & at The Royal College of Art. RCA
Edwards is also a Jeweller who creates a range of Contemporary Silver jewellery rich in texture.

She has worked for many years at Morley college in the ceramics & printmaking departments.  

Edwards works with a variety of media and techniques. Inspired by ancient symbols, maritime and archeological finds such as
Ghanaian Adinkra symbols from West Africa, Runes, Megalithic sites and stone circles,  Sacred geometry worldwide. Also The Springs, Wells and Holy sites of Our Sacred Albion.

Edwards is also a London Beekeeper and references  honeybee imagery and mythology in her work.  In her Mono prints with silver ink on black tissue paper. Edwards often uses her jewellery, ceramic pieces and found objects to create designs such as ethereal floating figures, faces etc, She also has made photo etchings of her feet in water and of Pollen lemniscate (Infinity symbol) from her bees.

Her vast collection of Ceramic works include; Long wall pieces, Clogs, (textured with bird seeds) Dice, Crowns, Face casts. Eggs, Plantains, Horse shoes, Cowrie imprints on bowls. Ghanaian Adinkra symbols. Abstract sculptures of figures and animals including Fire Dogs. 

The Ceramics are often glazed with a rich speckled matt dry blue glaze which highlights the raised textures.

Edwards is also a Dowser and Pure bioenergy healer.  Her favourite place in London is the 13 tree circle in Green Park.