Caroline Nuttall-Smith

  • Caroline Nuttall-Smith Ceramics Artist London
    by Caroline Nuttall-Smith incised with colour slip pattern 7x14x 6.5cm . £40
  • Caroline Nuttall-Smith Ceramics Artist London
    by Caroline Nuttall-Smith hand built from white stoneware with mono print colour clay slips. 26cm x 5.5cm. £85
  • Caroline Nuttall-Smith Ceramic Artist London
    by Caroline Nuttall-Smith Frame 24.5cm x 24.5cm x 4cm deep stoneware tile measures 17cm x 17cm. £100

Caroline Nuttall-Smith studied at Chelsea School of Art and then at Central Saint Martins, where she got a degree in Textile Design and graduated in 1989. She worked for many years as a freelance textile designer for fashion & furnishing fabrics.

Caroline first got into ceramics about 10 years ago. For her hand built ceramics she explores abstract mark making using textures and mono print techniques on greenware clay with colour clay slips and oxides. At the next stage she uses matt and shiny glazes and wax resist to create different surface effects.

Her main body of work is a collection of one-off cylinder vases that can be grouped together. More recently, she has been developing a range of lamp-bases. In addition to this she has created a collection of one-off mini mantlepiece sculptures and birds in black stoneware with incised abstract patterns.

Caroline is originally from a printed textile background. She has always loved post war British textile designers and they have a great influence on her ceramic work. She admires the freedom of their mark making and abstract pattern.