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Clivia by Judy Head


Clivia - blooming under my studio window.  I was given these Clivia when I was in my early 20’s.  In January, one of them will produce a fat stalk laden with buds and they will all begin to flower from February until May.   This year, they were very late and the first buds did not emerge until late April.  They live under the north facing window of my studio so by May my view of the Thames was partialy obstructed by a sea of orange flowers – as many as 20 to each stalk!  It was an event worth commemorating, so I painted them.  It was a joy!

I use Japanese mineral coloured inks and black Sumi, painted on Washi paper made ffrom Mulberry leaves.  The red chop mark, stamped under my signature means still and quiet.

The artwork is float mounted and framed in un-waxed Ash. D links are fixed to the back of the frame with brass wire for hanging.

Dimension of the frame: 62cm x 35cm

Dimensions of the Image: 48.5cm x 21cm

Weight:  1.8 kg

A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with this artwork

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