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Déja Blue (Isolation series) by Linda Samson



The tile painting Déjà Blue saw life during the isolation of lockdown. I chose the predominant colour blue to suit the mood of the time and named the work after a song title as listening to music while working became essential. Similarly, the choice of still life rather than a figure as the subject symbolised the separation from family and friends.
By using simplified shapes and areas of deep colour in this image, I try to capture the feeling of time standing still, awaiting release. In this painting, the flowers in the glass indicate safeness and security in an enclosed space, but the sun still shines outside in the ‘other’ world. Does sunlight capturing the green field outside the window indicate hope that this release might happen?

Ceramic tile painting. Framed.

Size of image: 37 x 15cm (14.57 x 5.91 inches).
Size of frame: 52 x 28cm (20.47 x 11.02 inches).
Weight: 1.4kg

Each tile is handmade with earthenware clay, painted with underglazes, fired to 1000°C, polished with beeswax, permanently glued to a wood backing and framed in white wood.
© Linda Samson 2020.

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