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Madonna by Stella Tooth



Madonna is ‘Queen of Pop’ - symbolised by antique gold - a pop icon and poster girl for a generation.

She is also a sex goddess - signified by scarlet, the colour of passion,  and the long, lacy glove she wears hints at her fashion icon status.  

As a controversial figure in terms of religion - she wears Marion blue (the blue worn by the Virgin Mary in the Catholic religion into which Madonna the singer was born).  

The light in my digital painting of her is ambiguous.  Is it a stage light, a symbol of stardom or a religious star in the Christian or Jewish faith? At one stage Madonna was part of the Kabbalah Jewish mysticism sect. 

My portrait is inspired by a photograph by Solomon N'jie who photographed stadium rockers like Madonna at Wembley Stadium in the 80s.  Sol says, “Like the vertical. It reminds me of how Madonna would go to the edge of the (large) stage at Wembley Stadium lean over and sing to the fans pushed up against the front barrier.”

Digital painting on Canon Pro Luster Photo paper.  Framed.

Size of image: 30.48 x 30.48 x 1.5cm (12 x 12 inches).

Size of frame: 33.5 x 33.5  x 1.5cm (13 x 13 inches).

Weight: 0.1kg.

A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with each artwork.

To watch Stella's portrait come to life, click here.

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