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Sea Glass 2 by Linda Samson



In this tile painting of a woman inhabiting an interior, Sea Glass 2 was originally based on a portrait. The cool colours I have used indicate the fresh sea wind and approaching evening. We can see the lights of the fishing boats returning to the harbour, the gulls are flying home.
The figure on the balcony holds a piece of sea glass (found glass which has been rubbed smooth by the sea). She represents the ‘seer’, one with second sight, the guardian of secrets. What future does she see for us, we wonder?

Ceramic tile painting. Framed.

Size of image: 28 x 28cm (11.02 x 11.02 inches).
Size of frame: 52 x 52cm (20.47 x 20.47 inches).
Weight: 2.4kg

Each tile is handmade with earthenware clay, painted with underglazes, fired to 1000°C, polished with beeswax, permanently glued to a wood backing and framed in white wood.
© Linda Samson 2020.

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