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Majia with Apples by Linda Samson



Originally a life drawing, this tile painting, Majia, naked with Apples is of a nude in an interior. In this image I try to create solidity by using simple forms and areas of dense colour. The woman inhabits her own private world. The rich subdued colours indicate intimacy yet untouchability. She knows we are observing her but she is unconcerned. She is totally at home in her own body. We can sit back in our chairs and study her without disturbing her equanimity.

Ceramic tile painting. Framed.

Size of image: 25 x 51cm (9.84 x 20.08 inches).
Size of frame: 46 x 72cm (18.11 x 28.35 inches).
Weight: 4kg

Each tile is handmade with earthenware clay, painted with underglazes, fired to 1000°C, polished with beeswax, permanently glued to a wood backing and framed in white wood.
© Linda Samson 2020.

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