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My first bike ride oil portrait by Stella Tooth




Some of my work is autobiographical, looking back to my childhood with the aim of evoking shared memories in the viewer.  My dad left me a box of transparencies from my childhood that has been both inspired me, and helped eternalise moments we shared. This painting is set in the council estate where I grew up, and tells the story of the day my dad taught me to ride a bike - how to use the brakes, mount the bike from stationary, then at a run.  And he held the back of the saddle while I pedalled down the hill calling for him not to let go.  Only when I got to the bottom, did I realise he had!  Incensed, I came riding up the hill to tell him off, only to realise that I’d learned to ride!  I don’t know if you remember the red shoes I’m wearing?  Chances are if you were a female child in the 60s like me you will, as the choices for kids were limited to Startrite or Clarkes - as here!

Oil on canvas

Framed: 94 x 64 x 5cm (37 x 25.2  x 1.97 inches).
Weight: 2kg

A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided with this artwork.

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