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Tree Top View by Diana Mckinnon



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The blue sky peeps in the distance but the fullness of the woods doesn’t allow it to dominate. Stitched silk fibres under and over tree trunks give the forest its hidden depth. The old silver birch is the king of the scene. Black stitching on the trunk shows the age of the tree and makes you want to reach out and feel the roughness under your hand.

Embroidery: H 26cm/10”; W 19cm/7.5”.
Frame: H 22cm/17”; W 35cm/14”
Weight framed: 550g

Authenticated giclée prints available: 
Print 17 x 12cm; mount 20 x 25cm. Unframed. Price £35.00 including P&P.

Commissions from your own images are welcome, please contact Diana to discuss.

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